Our Return Policy

Please read this before confirming your order.


1, As of now, we are only providing a checking warranty for all our products. This means we will replace your order if it has any damage when you receive the product. which reported to us within 24 hours from the time of delivery

2, even it's one week or one month. We don't provide any kind of warranty other than 24 hours checking warranty.

3, Physical damages will not be covered under our checking warranty.

4, We only provide replacements for the damaged item. no refunds

5, Replacement only processed after checking the returned product. If the products have no defect like the customer mentioned, Then we will ship it back to customers once he/she pays the return shipping charge.

6, Unboxing video should be shared with us for processing returns. if we found any malpractice (editing) in the unboxing video will cause rejection of return requests (click here to know how to shoot a unboxing video)

7, If you found any kind of physical defects it must be shown in the unboxing video, we won't replace products with physical complaints which haven't mentioned in the unboxing video.

8, Don't ever accept the package if it is opened or broken. once you have accepted any opened or damaged package we are not responsible if the product is missing.

We are a small business, So it's hard for us when customers return the product after using one week and asking for refunds. We can't afford it.
so please understand our situation. we will be strict in these rules

Thanks for understanding,

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